This Sofa Society submission was created by Sarah Fairbairn of One Fine Day Weddings & Events.

Sarah Fairbairn has over 20 years experience working in the wedding and event industry. Starting out as a florist, she gained much experience in the field and her passion quickly grew. 

Sarah’s vision has been to create a company that is known for its creativity, honesty, and outstanding reputation and she has succeeded in every aspect. Today, One Fine Day, Inc. is highly recommended by the area’s top event facilities and respected vendors.

We asked Sarah to design a grouping that inspires her and answer a few fun questions.

Sarah created a tropical chic lounge grouping using the bright Lilly accent chairs with our velvet emerald Harrod sofa and the Ava gold side tables. We added our jute rug and palm fronds to tie the look together.


Q. Tell us a little about your grouping. A. “I loved the Florida look of the two side chairs and I’m in love with the green sofa and who doesn’t love pink accent pillows!  🙂 I love rich colors paired with gold – just a warm yet modern look.” Q. Who is your style icon? A. “Chanel – always simple and timeless yet with an edge.”

Q. If you were stranded on a deserted island, which Style House item could you not live without?

A. “The green sofa because it would blend into the brush and still be super comfy to sleep on :)” 

Q. Favorite piece of furniture in your home or office space.

A. “My hightop table in my living room – super fun that it can actually adjust higher or lower and I just love the overall look of it. ” Q. What is your go-to home furniture and decor store? A. “Rare Hues in Carrollwood.  It’s where I got the hightop table and stools in my living room.  They have such fun pieces in there and so much more than just great furniture!”

All Sofa Society Photography by Amy Pezzicara of Pezz Photo

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