Once you’ve booked your event date and location is when you should contact us. We require a list wish PRIOR to coming in and seeing the inventory at our studio. Why do we do this? Again, we want to make sure that the inventory is available, prior to coming in and of course that it fits within your desired budget.


Our rentals are each priced individually, giving you the opportunity to choose as many or as few as you’d like. We can also create custom packages if you’d rather that we put something together for you, including styling and design, for an additional fee.


Yes. Our minimum order requirement is $1000 with higher minimums outside of the Tampa Bay Area (90 miles or more from zip code 33606), not inclusive of delivery, set up and sales tax. Pick up orders do not require a minimum if appropriate transportation if available.

Q. DO YOU have to deliver my order, or can i pick it up?

Depending on the size of your order and mode of transportation, we do allow picking up your order. Any furniture can only be picked up with a FULLY enclosed vehicle.

Your order will be packed and ready for you at the time of pickup, however, we ask that you come prepared with blankets to wrap and cushion larger pieces as well as straps to secure your load and keep the rental items in place. Although we have staff onsite to help assist in getting items into your vehicle, you should be prepared to load your own vehicle.

Q. where do you deliver and how much does it cost?

We generally stay around the Tampa Bay area however, often travel to Orlando, Sarasota and Boca Grande. BUT have an event and we will travel! Deliveries to venues outside of our 90 mile radius are considered “out of town”. Out of Town deliveries have additional delivery fees and (depending on the order and timing) include room and board for our crew. Cost will vary based on how much you’ve rented and where your event is.

Q. when should i reserve everything?

As our entire collection is filled with beautiful pieces, we recommend reserving everything as early as possible once you have your venue booked. Up to 4 months and as long as 12 months before your event date is the perfect time to have everything booked with us. Any requests or confirmations within 7 days of an event will be considered a rush order and will incur additional rush fees in order to process on time.


We require a non-refundable 50% retainer along with a signed agreement and credit card on file in order to reserve rental items for your event date. We accept payment via all credit cards, cash or checks (made out to Botanica International)

**KINDLY NOTE – A proposal does not guarantee the availability of your rental items and is ONLY confirmed once payment is received and a signed contract is received **

Q. do i have to give a deposit?

Yes, we require a non-refundable 50% retainer along with a signed agreement and credit card on file in order to reserve rental items for your event date. Without these items, your items NOT confirmed and reserved for your date.


Your order must be finalized two weeks (ten business days) prior to your event date by sending in the remainder of your payment. Ten business days gives us time to schedule and ensure the availability of your item on the event date.

Q. what happens if i damage or break something or it gets lost?

Rental items are your responsibility from delivery or pick up, to their retrieval (by us) or return (by you).

  • Replacement fees vary from item to item but is generally 4-6 times the rental rate. However, please note, some items do have a higher replacement fee of up to 10 times the rental rate.
  • In cases of spills or small stains and normal ‘wear and tear’ on your rental pieces, you are covered by our 10% damage waiver. So no worries! You will only be charged out-with that if gross negligence has taken place where the repair or damage is extensive.
  • Damaged or Missing items are charged to the card that we have on file.
Q. can i use my rentals outdoors?
  • You can, however, please be mindful of their placement in order to not incur any additional fee if significant damage has taken place. **Add this before the rest of the items**

  • RENTAL ITEMS MUST NOT BE LEFT OUTSIDE OVERNIGHT, regardless of what the weather forecast may be.

  • If placing rugs outside, it is strongly recommended to place a tarp or drop cloth underneath so that the rugs don’t get wet or stained from the grass.

Q. changes or cancellations?

We understand that you may have changes to your order, especially if you reserve early. Should you wish to cancel a portion of your order or make substitutions, please note the following:

  • Your retainer is NON-refundable, regardless of when the notice of the cancellation is given.
  • There are no refunds to cancel or substitute rental items less than 60-days prior to your date. At your 60-day mark, you are responsible for payment of the full balance.
  • Rental items may be removed or exchanged, as long as your rental order does not decrease by more than 20% and changes are made greater than 30 days prior to your event date.
Q. what if i can't find what i'm looking for?

If you’re looking for something to rent and we don’t have it, just ask us! If we think we’ll have the opportunity to rent something in the future, we always love adding to our inventory!

Q. can i view your inventory in person?

In order to provide the best possible service, all of our inventory viewings are scheduled by appointment only and are scheduled for 1 hour. In order to schedule this, we do require that a wish list, with all important event information has been received and submitted to you via a proposal. We require this so that we can 100% confirm that the inventory you desire is available, that our minimum has been met and that the items you desire work with your budget including the delivery, set up and breakdown fees.

Q. what are your delivery fees?

Delivery fees are determined by the distance traveled, the total size of your order, the labor involved and times requested for delivery and/or pick up and any venue restrictions.

Delivery fees include:

  • The time and labor involved in packing the delivery vehicle prior to your event;
  • Driving to your venue;
  • Delivery all rental items on your order;
  • Setting up all items provided by Style House Rentals.
  • Driving back to the Style House warehouse;
  • Returning to your venue to pick up rental items at the end of your event;
  • Driving back to the Style House warehouse;
  • Time and Labor to unload and restock the items back into our warehouse.
Q. other important facts
    • Deliveries/Pick ups made between 11pm-8am are subject to an ‘after-hours’ fee.
    • We require a 2-hour window of time to delivery and strike retrieve items.
    • Any delivered and/or pickups requiring a smaller window of time including an exact arrival time is subject to a $100 fee.
    • If an event space is not ready for delivery or your event runs over time and rental items are not ready for pickup at the agreed upon time, your credit card will be charged $75 for each additional 15 minutes of waiting time.
    • Rental items will NOT be delivered to an outdoor location to be left in the rain. A backup rain plan such as a tent or other covered/indoor area must be established in advance. Style House reserves the right to cancel the delivery without prior notice should an adequate location not be available.


Our goal is to provide a pleasant and seamless experience by delivering you exclusive rentals with courteous and timely service.

We strive to provide rentals that both compliment your event style and provide that warm, welcoming feeling you strive for in your own home.


1715 West Cypress Street | Tampa, FL 33606
Appointments are made once a wishlist has been submitted.